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The Well Dressed Home

"I choose to work with the two main areas of personal self-expression: fashion and home furnishings.  How we dress and how we "feather our nests" contribute so much to each of our personal well being.  I want to help you make it easy and fun to decorate.  I want you to feel 'at home in the world.' My furniture collections are a celebration of my family, our shared ancestry and experiences.  Each new place we visit is an opportunity to learn and become inspired.  Join us and transform the ordinary into extraordinary!  Consider living with the 'everyday is the weekend' attitude I love."

The 1994 launch of Alexander Julian Home Colours, a 150-piece furniture collection, was the most successful introduction in the history of The International Home Furnishings Market in High Point, NC.  Home Magazine honored the collection three times with its American Furniture Award.  In the time since its debut, Alex has continued to hone his "modern traditional" appoach to furniture design, creating timeless home furnishings with playful nods to fashion, nature, and jazz.

Alexander Julian

Alex's design talents lie in his ability to take traditional design motifs that are 'tried and true' and use them in a non-traditional application. He draws much of his inspiration from the fashion world of apparel.  Wingtip curves and stitching, herringbones, and argyles are equally ubiquitous in his clothing designs as they are in his home furnishings.

"What works for me is solid, creative endeavor balanced by the kind of play that I enjoy most.  When these two work in tandem, I am at my best; I bounce off the walls.  I don't believe in fashion going in or out, I strive to create designs that are timeless.  What is really important is surrounding yourself with things that make you feel good, regardless of the current trend."

Alex designs his collections from a spectacular 33-acre Connecticut farmhouse estate, which he shares with his wife, Meagan.  Surrounded by nature and his 35 year archive of fashion designs, it's no wonder where his inspiration originates!

"As a fashion designer, my specialty has long been coordinating outfits.  Now the 'outfits' are rooms, where coordination, as opposed to matching, becomes the key to mixing colors and patterns.  Just as in nature, where different elements are unified by color to create beautiful scenery, my furniture designs are aimed to create combinations that work in the same way.  With confidence to express yourself, the result will be a fresher, more fashionable solution that perfectly fits your home.  In short, your own custom-designed, well dressed home."



About Alex | Colours | Private Reserve | AJ Home | Sports Awards | Videos